DIY Home Decor: Mason Jar Madness

Clutter! Its one thing I absolutely cannot stand; it drives me to insanity and nearly causes mental breakdowns. I’m constantly looking for affordable ways to avoid clutter throughout my home. Although, not everyone becomes as extremely irritated when it comes to clutter as I do; it’s still a relief to find easy ways to avoid it.

While walking through an aisle of our local Walmart Store a few months ago I noticed adorable Mason Jars spread along a shelf. Who doesn’t love a cute little mason jar? Whether it’s to use as a cup for your ice water or to hold your toothbrush; you can never say no to a Mason Jar. I feel as if they add such character and a bit of “shabby chic” to any environment. After noticing these jars and having them circle throughout my brain for a few days, I took my curiosity to the internet. After some DIY searching and come combining of others ideas, I’ve combined two affordable and easy DIY methods to produce to most adorable mason jar organizers. Keeping clutter off my counters while still adding flare to my walls is one small joy I live for. Therefor I present to you, what I like to call; Shabby Chic Mason Jar organizers:


To paint jars:
– 8, 12, or 16 oz Mason Jars

-Perm-enamel surface conditioner

-Paint brush-Dishwasher safe Perm-enamel Paint

– Paint Brushes

To attach Jars to board:
– Hose clamps

– Piece of wood (roughly 2 ft by 7 in.)

– Wood stain

– Drill & screws

– Picture hanging kit

Following these two instructive BLOG’s ideas I created a brightly painted Mason Jar organizer to hang in my bathroom!


DIY Home Decor: Dollar Store Decor

Living inexpensively is a must as a young couple on a tight budget! Although, I am still human (and I am a organize-craze female); whom loves to decorate and add spice to our small basement suit. Living on a small budget can cause many set backs while watching HGTV or walking through the aisles of Urban Barn. Therefor the dollar store and a little imagination have come a long way.

Simple and simple touches can add wonders to a home; whether it be a small vase on the fireplace, or a decorative way to organize your toothbrushes. and with small tips and tricks from the dollar store; I present to you DIY Home Decor all from your local dollar store.

One thing every house has; light switches. They’re white, square and generally look basic;while adding nothing of interest to our homes. Although, with a few dollars well spent, they can add unique character and flare to any wall in your home!
All you need is to purchase a few picture frames of your choice (I preferred purchasing white frames; as they matched the light switches and base-strip on our walls). Next, I took the glass and back of the picture frame merely leaving the frame and we’re nearly done! Finally, placing the empty frame around the light switch and adding a few nails and we’re complete! You now have a cute accessory on a common household accessory.

(Link to photo instructions for light switch covers here:)

(Other ways to add flare to your home on a budget:)