Natural Products: Sensitive Skin Solutions

From a newborn baby through my life, I’ve battled a constant struggle; sensitive skin! Sensitive skin is something that at one-point-or-another I believe everyone has encountered. Whether it be a small redness to your skin due to sunscreen, or a flaming and itching rash just because you used a generic soap; we’ve all met the battle.

For many years as a child I was forced to carry along a bar of hypoallergenic soap in my backpack throughout my travels; as in attempts to prevent inflamed, blotchy, itching hands. The 90’s we’re quite the time to grow, although the decade wasn’t very far in advanced with all-natural products. Thankfully as the years have grown, so have the need for natural and Eco-friendly products!

Live Clean: is a product I strongly stand behind. With a variety ranging from: hair products: face cleansers: skin therapy: to baby products. Live Clean has options for everyone of any size.
I have personally been using the Canadian Made, 98% biodegradable products for roughly one year and have noticed the most beneficial reactions to my hair and skin. While offering a hypoallergenic (sensitive) version of their products, I find that without the use of chemicals in their products; with my extremely sensitive skin I can use their normal products without an issue!
I find a freshness and nutrients left on my skin and hair after rinsing which leaves me feeling awake and refreshed throughout the day.
I’m so thrilled that with the arrival of our baby early September 2015, my partner and I plan to be continuing our use of these products on our precious little one. We believe that natural is always positive and that the more natural products we surround our child with, the more beneficial it will be!
With so many products its hard to chose; this brand leaves you prepared for every time of the day. By offering Lavender scented lotions and washes to help your little ones get a good night sleep; we see that this product is all for natural remedies!


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