DIY Home Decor: Dollar Store Decor

Living inexpensively is a must as a young couple on a tight budget! Although, I am still human (and I am a organize-craze female); whom loves to decorate and add spice to our small basement suit. Living on a small budget can cause many set backs while watching HGTV or walking through the aisles of Urban Barn. Therefor the dollar store and a little imagination have come a long way.

Simple and simple touches can add wonders to a home; whether it be a small vase on the fireplace, or a decorative way to organize your toothbrushes. and with small tips and tricks from the dollar store; I present to you DIY Home Decor all from your local dollar store.

One thing every house has; light switches. They’re white, square and generally look basic;while adding nothing of interest to our homes. Although, with a few dollars well spent, they can add unique character and flare to any wall in your home!
All you need is to purchase a few picture frames of your choice (I preferred purchasing white frames; as they matched the light switches and base-strip on our walls). Next, I took the glass and back of the picture frame merely leaving the frame and we’re nearly done! Finally, placing the empty frame around the light switch and adding a few nails and we’re complete! You now have a cute accessory on a common household accessory.

(Link to photo instructions for light switch covers here:)

(Other ways to add flare to your home on a budget:)


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