Home Remedies: Aromatherapy


As the years have gone by I have found myself facing many unavoidable anxieties. Finding natural ways to release stress and calm myself have come greatly by the use of my senses. Touch: Smell: Taste: Sight: Sound.
I have found multiple comforts in each. Although one I have focuses on is smell and Aromatherapy.

There’s something about a soft and subtle scent which produces physical and emotional health benefits in which I find comfort. Although finding creative and simple ways to incorporate these scents into our daily lives can be a struggle. Therefor; I have created a list of Essential Oil’s I have personally used along with their Health Benefits. Also fun and easy ways to make these oils accessible!

Essential Oils & Health Benefits:

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Allergies, Asthma, Labour Pains, Migraine.

Stress, Memory, Arthritis, Poor Circulation, Muscle Aches, Sinus Pain.

Fatigue, Exhaustion, Memory, Concentration, Colds, Muscle Pains.

Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Irritability, Insomnia, Stress, Allergies, Arthritis, Colic, Headache, Nausea.

Anxiety, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Fear, Stress, Asthma, Labour Pains.

Stress, Depression, Fear, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Anger, Labour Pains.

Fatigue, Exhaustion, Memory, Concentration, Nausea, Fever, Asthma, Colic, Headache.

More essential oils and their benefits can be found here:

Using these essential oils through massage or mixed with lotions, is a common and soothing way of use. Although, there are other tricks I have found that have been possibly more useful and more accessible with a busy schedule.

Epsom salts in your bath; simple yet so soothing! Adding a few drops of your essential oils into a cup of Epsom salts; doing so will pair the aromas with the soothing uses of salts and warm bath water! Epsom salts are rich with both magnesium and sulfate; which alone can help with arthritis and joint pains. Paired with the emotional and physical scents and touch of a warm bath, there’s no going wrong with health beneficial relaxation!

Although, let’s be honest; not all of us have time in the day to relax in a nice long bath. Making my next solution a great one! Making an Aromatherapy Rice Bag! These are easy and almost always useful; easy to pop into the microwave and have relief in a few minutes no matter where you are or what time it is. Whether you place bag and placing it on a sore neck or back: tuck the warm bag into the bottom of you blanket during a chilled night: or just heat it up simply for the aroma. You can’t go wrong.

My mother made me my own aromatherapy rice bag a few years ago and it works wonders! Adding a few drops of your favourite, or most health beneficial oil, to the rice before finishing making your rice bag can provide endless relief. The internet has made it so useful and the following are a few links to instruction on how to make your own.




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